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Scientists have found that neurological diseases in the elderly can be diagnosed by their attitude to strangers and unfamiliar people.

Employees of rush University analyzed the results of special test part 935 of the elderly. Scientists wanted to find out how they have the risk to fall under the influence of speculators.

Many of the seniors were willing to talk with a dummy agents to take up the phone to unknown caller, to cooperate with the risky and unknown investment companies.

After testing for the elderly looking. For six weeks, 150 volunteers showed signs of dementia, 255 – cognitive impairment to a moderate degree.

The more people scored points on the “fraudulent” scale, the higher the likelihood of developing dementia. Counting the results and comparing the data, researchers found that the dependence in 60% of volunteers.

– After the death of some participants in the experiment, we conducted an autopsy. It confirmed our theory, as the potential victims of speculators have accumulated the most “broken” of neurons in the brain, – said the participant of the study group.

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