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On the eve of February 23, we invited three couples in the store Sephora and asked the girls to choose gifts for their men. And then invited the men to choose the gifts for themselves. Look at what happened.

Yes, Yes, dear, for this venture we need fearless volunteers, who do not know fear or reproach and ready for fun “go there, do not know where.” We issued the call — see the post “Secret project Sephora: who’s ready to gamble?”.

Conditions are not prescribed — it would ruin the intrigue.

Applications, surprisingly, it’s a lot. (We always assumed that we read adventurers:) Chose our favorite method “at random”. Among those lucky enough (or not?) turned out to be three pairs: Marina and Anton, Christine and Ruben, Larissa and Nicholas.

On the appointed day and hour they arrived at the shopping center “atrium”, where he first learned the rules of the game:

  • First in shop Sephora is a girl. And picks the 5 beauty things, as she supposes, like her husband/boyfriend/companion. It’s got 20 minutes.
  • Then Sephora is the husband/boyfriend/partner. And picks the 5 beauty things that I wouldn’t mind to receive a gift. It had the same 20 minutes.
  • Funds that will be in both baskets, the couple receives a gift. Well, OK, let’s say, a complete coincidence, including specific tools, not necessarily — but at least they have to match!
  • In case of controversial cases (and in General for usbtiny mass) we came up with anketki with five simple questions. The questions were: 1) Steak or herring? 2) Norway, or Thailand? 3) Wine or whiskey? 4) Party at home or at the restaurant? 5) Cat or dog? “. Asked them, of course, girls and boys separately. The boys responded from his face, the girls tried to guess how they answered the boys.
  • And the most important thing. We asked them to surrender their weapons, have cell phones. Because if there is a cell phone any fool a smart man will tell his companion of their choice.
  • Look at some of the pairs there is a complete understanding.

    Marina and Anton, married 6 months in relationship for 7 years.

    Marina is a fashion designer, Anton is an artist. Met at the Institute 13 years ago.

    The first went in Sephora Marina.

    Marina: “Oh, my… Dear consultants, where you for a beard?!”

    After 20 minutes went on the hunt Anton.

    Anton: “is It really necessary?!”

    Answers Marina and Anton to the questionnaire coincided in 4 cases out of 5. Anton chose the steak, a dog, a house party, and whiskey. Marina had expected. But with the journey came nakladochka:

    Norway or Thailand?

    Anton (to myself): Thailand. Marina (of Anton): Norway!


    The gifts that Marina chose for Anton:

    • Toning shampoo for hair and body Shampoo & Shower, Clarins (2300 RUB)
    • Cleanser 2 in 1 Exfolianting Cleanser, Clarins (2400 RUB)
    • Deodorant-antiperspirant ball Antiperpirant Roll-On, Clarins (1750 rbl.)
    • The cream-conditioner for beards Skin Hydrator + Beard Conditioner, Clinique (3710 RUB)
    • Toilet water Homme Cologne, Dior (6330 RUB.)

    Gifts that Anton chose it:

    • Toning shampoo for hair and body Shampoo & Shower, Clarins (2300 RUB)
    • Intense moisturizing shampoo is Pure Luxury Intense Moisture Shampoo by Rich (1490 rubles)
    • Cleansing gel, Active Face Wash, Clarins (2400 RUB)
    • Cream-gel for normal and combination skin Aquapower, Biotherm (3460 RUB)
    • Eau de Parfum Gentleman Givenchy (6530 RUB)

    Full hit:

    Competent jury (Yana and Nastya) decided that, in General, from the responses to the questionnaire, a coincidence can also be considered:

    • Flavors. Choice Marina Homme Cologne, Dior, the choice of Anton — Gentleman, Givenchy, both close to each other ideologically and are the same price category
    • Purification. The choice of Marina — cleansing exfoliant 2 in 1 Exfolianting Cleanser, Clarins, the choice of Anton — Active Face Wash, Clarins. In the end, both means — for maintaining cleanliness and order on the face).

    The win of Anton and Marina:

    Marina: “I knew that he uses Clarins, and as a normal man, not inclined to experiments, choose it. But the remedy for beard I took the last one! More of this on the shelves was not. Accordingly, Anton was not able to find it and put it in his basket. So that’s my bad. You could have to think about it.”

    Anton: “Marina! Right tool for the beard. But tell me, what kind of Norway?! I want to lie on the beach, and that nobody touched, and warm!”

    Christina and Ruben, married 2 years, more than 10 years

    Christine works at a Bank, Ruben — endovascular surgeon.

    Responses of Reuben and Cristina on the questionnaire coincided in 4 cases out of 5.

    House party or dinner at the restaurant?

    Ruben (to myself): at Home party. Christine (Ruben): a restaurant!


    But in the field — that is, in the store — demonstrated full understanding:

    Cristina: “Ruben loves the flavors, so concentrate me mostly on them.”

    Ruben: “Terre D Hermes is the first fragrance that Christina gave me. And the rest she usually buys. And rightly so: I’m a fan of cool smells. But find me now, please, the aroma of the incense? I love incense”.

    The gifts that Christine chose for Ruben:

    • Eau de Parfum Absolute Guilty, Gucci (7220 RUB)
    • Eau de Parfum Terre D Hermes, Hermes (9300 rubles).
    • Eau de Parfum Allure Home Sport, Chanel (6735 rubles)
    • Toilet water is Gray Vetiver, by Tom Ford (9860 RUB)
    • Active gel concentrate Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate, Clinique (2420 RUB.)

    Gifts that Ruben chose it:

    • The cream-conditioner for beards Skin Hydrator + Beard Conditioner, Clinique (3710 RUB)
    • Aftershave Post-Shave Soother, Clinique (2680 RUB)
    • Toilet water Hermes Terre D Hermes (9120 RUB)
    • Perfume Fougere D’argent, Tom Ford (17 130 RUB.)
    • Eau de Parfum Vetiver Fatal by Atelier Cologne (12 300 RUR)

    Full match:

    By coincidence it was also decided to count:

    Flavors: Choice of Christina’s Atelier Tom Ford Gray Vetiver, the selection of Ruben — Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal. The main note in both vetiver.

    Hydration: the Choice of Christine — gel-concentrate Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate, Clinique, selection of Ruben — cream Skin Hydrator conditioner + Beard Conditioner, Clinique.

    Ruben: “It’s true I’m gift?! I was hesitant to participate in this venture… However, I didn’t have much of a choice. Christina gave me an ultimatum: you have no in the day of surgery? So, you’re coming with me!”

    Larissa and Nikolai: married — 1 year, 2 years

    And Nikolai and Larissa — lawyers. In childhood lived in neighboring houses, but met at a summer camp. And then studied together at the Institute.

    The responses to the questionnaire matched 5 out of 5!

    Look at what they had baskets.

    Larissa: “Nicholas is not a fan of makeup, but shaving foam will definitely enjoy.”

    Nicholas: “shaving Foam handy. Well, the flavor is not hurt.”

    Gifts that Larissa chose to Nicholas:

    • Cleanser 2 in 1 Exfolianting Cleanser, Clarins (2400 RUB)
    • Foaming shaving gel Smooth Shave, Clarins (2100 rubles).
    • Soothing after shave cream After Shave Soother Clarins (2550 RUB.)
    • Toilet water Guilty Black Pour Homme, Gucci (5690 RUB)
    • Hydra-Filler, Filorga (4070 RUB)

    Gifts that Nicholas chose:

    • Foaming shaving gel Smooth Shave, Clarins (2100 rubles).
    • Solid antiperspirant deodorant-Antiperspirant-Deodorant Stick, Clinique (1910 RUB)
    • Intense moisturizer Maximum Hydrator, Clinique (4070 RUB)
    • Toilet water Aqua Invictus, Paco Rabanne (7270 RUB.)
    • Shower gel all-in-one Do-It-All Shower Gel, Sephora (600 RUB.)

    Full match:

    The aroma is a consolation prize. Because — see above — in the questionnaire matched all the answers!

    Larissa: “Why did I take anti-aging cream? Probably, I liked it very much, and I had forgotten who choose gifts:)”

    Nicholas: “But why didn’t you choose a shower gel?! I do not bathe?!”.

    Congratulations to all participants of the experiment and reported that from 21 to 24 February on the website and in Sephora stores will get discounts up to 40% on care and fragrances for men. The list of brands participating in the promotion — the link.

    PS. On the eve of March 8 in the air — the second part of our experiment. The gifts to each other choose girls: girlfriends, colleagues and mother and daughter. Don’t miss out!

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