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The guy in my mouth exploded electronic cigarette, because of which he lost his front teeth.


In the United States recorded another case of an exploding electronic cigarette. At this time, the device exploded directly in the mouth of 17-year-old boy from Nevada. As a result, the victim lost several teeth.

The victim of the explosion of electronic cigarettes name is Austin Adams. The device appeared to him due to the fact that the guy was trying to quit Smoking and bought an e-cigarette of his own mother. Thus, a woman named Kajlani Burton was trying to help your child cope with addiction. However, all went according to plan from the beginning: for the first time use of electronic cigarette exploded in the mouth of Austin.

The mother recalls that after the incident, the son came in, closing his mouth with his hands – the guy was in a state of shock and could not utter a word. Austin was taken to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with a damaged jaw and burns. Also the guy the explosion knocked several teeth. Now the threats to the health of Austin is not.

As noted by the kid’s mother, the incident there are obvious advantages – Austin now even afraid to think about Smoking. But by the incident are already interested in American Supervisory authorities. They intend to investigate the causes of the incident and examine the design features of electronic cigarette which led to the explosion. It is noted that this is not the first such incident, in connection with what the situation requires careful study.

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