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Due to a rare face of a girl half “flowed”.

Carl Dayes

26-year-old Carla Dayes from the UK have to live with a rare disease that affected her appearance. Most of my life the girl lived with half the “spread” face.

It all started back when Karl was very young. At the age of five years the girl was having convulsions, and after a couple of years after, she was diagnosed with the syndrome of parry-Romberg. This is a fairly rare disease, which muscles and bones of side of the face atrophy. Sometimes patients also atrophied and extremities, but not exactly the same – only on one side of the body.

The same happened to Carla. Since childhood, she grew worse left leg, which led to problems with movement. The doctors prescribed her a course of chemotherapy that was followed by multiple surgeries to the limbs, Carla was able to grow fully. However, half of the face remained “spread” by the age of 26.

The doctors are trying to make the person Carla has the usual shape. She had a plastic surgery of the chin, giving the face a more correct form. The girl began to feel more confident and even found a boyfriend.

Karl admits that his illness was often depressed and even wanted to die. She thought she was alone in the world with this disease and nobody can help her. However, the support of loved ones helped in the end to cope with similar feelings. Now she realizes that any problems can be addressed, the main thing – not to give up.

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