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The official reason was violation of the rules of the platform

Photographer Sophie Mayan collecting stories of people with scars, said this week its personal account and a group in Facebook was blocked due to “comply with the rules of the platform.”

The past two years, Sophie is working on a project Behind The Scars, which removed non-professional models – people with scars. Today, the photographer told the story more than 450 people, and the project is not yet complete. Sophie wants to ensure that society was more tolerant towards people with different bodily characteristics.

“I think that people tend to hide their eyes from the things that seem atypical for them. At the level of instincts we just don’t know what to do and how to react,” explained Sophie. However, she stressed that her characters are real people with their own stories. “We don’t forbid them to walk on the street, why running online censorship?”, perplexed photographer.

Earlier, the fashion house Rihanna Fenty posted a photo of the model with the scarred face. How it responded to the fans of the brand, we are told here.



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