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The young man said that father was very supportive of him during transgender transition

Gillette has published on his official Facebook page a new video advertisement, the hero of which was Samson Bangabandhu brown is a transgender young man from Toronto. In the video, entitled “First Shave” (“First shave”) you can see how the father teaches him to shave.

“In my childhood I tried to understand the kind of person I want to be, and I’m still trying to figure that out — says Samson in the video. I always knew I was different from the rest. I just didn’t know that the person that I am, there is a special name.”

“I wanted to be in the ad Gillette with my father who supported me throughout my transition, inspired me to be confident and to live as the best version of themselves,” he said in a post on his Facebook page, adding that he hopes that this video will give other transgender people hope.

At the request of CNN about whether or not brown is shaving in the published video for the first time in my life, neither young people nor the representatives of Gillette has not yet responded.

Recall that in late March, Vice introduced the world’s first stock image gallery c images of transgender people and people with nebanalnoe gender identity. According to the team edition, it should help to develop a correct understanding of them and get rid of false stereotypes.







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