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Nutritionist named five useful properties of peaches and explained why you should eat these fruits regularly.

Peach is a delicious and juicy fruit. In addition, experts have proven its importance for health. Nutritionist health Center Marina Gavrilova said five of the most useful properties of this fruit.

Property No. 1. In peaches a lot of vitamin A. It is useful for skin and good eyesight, strengthens the walls of the intestines and protects the body from harmful bacteria.

Property No. 2. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, so they can be a great substitute for citrus fruits if they become boring or is contraindicated due to stomach problems. One medium size peach contains about 10 milligrams of this vitamin. The antioxidants that it is also rich, you can strengthen the immune system.

Property No. 3. Peach contains about nine milligrams of potassium. This element is very useful for the human body. Potassium regulates the blood sugar levels and blood pressure and controls the balance of fluids in the body.

Property No. 4. In one fruit there is about nine milligrams of calcium. It is very important, as it strengthens the teeth and bones.

Property No. 5. Peaches provide the body with a large dose of fiber, which is beneficial for digestion. By the way, you need to eat only pure fruit juice is not suitable, because there is practically no need of dietary fiber.

– This useful product has only one drawback – the single fruit on average contains about 13 grams of sugar, explains nutritionist Marina Gavrilova. – Losing weight should eat it carefully and only in the first half of the day. But for the sweet tooth peach – a great alternative to candy.

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