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Should we try too hard? We ask ourselves this question in many important life situations. It turns out that this dilemma also applies to the affairs of the more down-to-earth people – for example, our style. Sometimes many people want to look so good that they achieve the opposite effect.

This problem is particularly true for single girls who dream of a prince from a fairy tale and believe that they will get it with their looks. They can be recognized from afar by these 5 elements of appearance.

1.Mini skirt

The outfit that opens most of the legs can be worn from time to time, not every day and regardless of the occasion. Otherwise, you will be considered a desperate person who wants to seduce a man. It is better to wear miniskirts to a party than to go to the store or work.

2. Bright make-up

The only thing on the list that’s not clothing. If you apply a thick layer of makeup to your job every day in a bright shade, it will only make your employees laugh and stare.

Bright make-up is suitable for evening outings, parties or photo shoots. Don’t get desperate, but rather bet on classic smoky eyes and red lipstick.

3. A tight dress

Admiring celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, many conclude that tight clothing will emphasize their shape and attract the views of men. But their way of life is completely different than that of ordinary people. The girl in a tight dress and, in addition, in high heels, is likely to be considered not only for a completely desperate person, but also for a lady of easy behavior.

4 High heels

Relax, you can wear them, but if you wear them 24 hours a day, no matter what the case, it’s a problem. If a woman can’t imagine everyday shopping or walking with a dog without shoes on a very high heel, something seems to be wrong. From the outside it all looks very strange, and in addition it is not very convenient. And even dangerous for health.

5 Open neckline

Deep blouses and dresses have a special feature to attract the attention of men. On the one hand it is good, but on the other hand it is possible to attract the attention of the wrong man. Too naked breasts smell of despair. There are many more elegant ways to attract attention.

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