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Bonuses that you can obtain if you give up the bad carbs.

It is understood that with food a person receives different types of sugars. It is fructose (from fruit), lactose (dairy products), sucrose (desserts, candy, yogurt, ketchup, soda, processed food).

The latter is especially harmful and cause serious health damage.

What happens if you stop eating sugar is bad. Five useful bonuses that are received by the body.

  • Hormones are back to normal

If you give up bad sugar, it will cease to be a surge of insulin in the blood. Why is it good? The fact that insulin triggers a whole bunch of hormones has a great influence on all systems of the human body.

Should give up sugar and hormones back to normal. The first thing that becomes apparent is in the morning will become easier to Wake up, and work will become easier.

  • The immune system is fully operational

Sugar affects the activity of intestinal flora. Abandoning sugar in a few weeks the number of harmful microorganisms to be significantly reduced. However, the first time it would seem that going on a sugar crash. In this case, add the menu one fruit a day. It would be better an orange or an Apple. The spoon of honey.

  • Diseases recede

Eliminating sugar will go headaches, heaviness in the abdomen, pains and other ailments associated with inflammatory processes. Among the useful effects — clean and healthy skin.

  • Reduced appetite and leave the extra weight

By eliminating from the diet harmful sugar from the diet will leave permanent high-calorie snacking. Cookies, cakes, chocolate does not give the body the good calories. After some time again want to eat. No sugar — no problem!

  • Natural taste of products

Should stop eating harmful sweets and natural foods will be very tasty. Fruits and vegetables will seem a pleasant treat.

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