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The new collection of Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection Makeup Summer 2018 will be on sale in June 2018.

For me this is great news! I love sudovye shades in makeup.

A feature of the new collection lies in the fact that it is aimed at making the skin glow, while keeping natural look. I already imagine a fresh and delicate image that you can create with makeup Neo Nude.

List of products:

1. Shining powder Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Compact Foundation.

The new formula contains pure pigments that leave skin beautiful during the day.
The powder promises to be invisible on the skin, thus giving it an effective tool.


No.4 Light / Neutral Undertone
No.5.5 Medium / Cool Undertone
No.6.5 Light / Cool Undertone
No.7 Medium / Cool Undertone
No.8 Tan / Warm Undertone
No.9 Tan / Cool Undertone

I powdered a cute box: round boxes in black and beige colours with brand logo on the lid. This case is not ashamed publicly to pull out of her purse to look in the mirror. The texture of the powder is very beautiful, shining with a thin shimmer, like a Golden sand on the sun-drenched beaches.

According to the description, the powder should be soft, not greasy, but moisturizing the skin.

Perhaps this powder I really want to buy from the collection.

2 and 3. Liquid highlighter and A Nude Armani Neo-Highlight that instantly fuses with the skin, providing a healthy, glowing complexion and pearly luster.


No.10 Beige
No.11 Tan

And the difference between the means of Armani Neo Nude A-Contour.

Case of these products are similar in form to the case of lipstick. Tools are applied by the applicator.

4. Cream blush Armani Neo Nude A-Blus. Provide a healthy, glowing complexion.

Blush as well as highlighter with contouring made in an unusual format, similar to a liquid lipstick with the applicator. Hard case beautiful beige color gradient goes in a hue similar to the shade of blush.

5. Tint balm for the lips Armani Luxury Lip Balm with a luminous finish.


Lace – soft pink
Kashmir pink (color star)
Silk – satin pink

All products are water based and have a moisturizing effect.

I’ll wait for this collection, especially the powder and conditioner, since I use similar products on a daily basis. I hope that among the shades there are those that I can fit under the light with a pinkish undertone skin.

Do you like sudovy makeup? What products from this collection you purchased?

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