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Too many flavors in this world. Tangled — a trifling matter. We asked the perfume expert to name the ones that are really worth considering. Catherine chmielewska — o best floral perfume.

Actually, the list can be endless. Beautiful floral perfumes were produced and are available always, but there are very important, which drove me crazy and created a fashion.

Great flower bouquets:

  • lush and colorful Joy, by Jean Patou

  • dry and strict L’air du Temps, Nina Ricci

  • exemplary feminine Fleurs de Rocaille, Caron

  • the bride’s bouquet Pleasures, Estee Lauder (or at least a budget option Puredistance I),

  • the aroma of fresh flowers with lush green stalks Anais Anais, Cacharel was indescribably beautiful, but these days it is better to replace Fleur de Lalita, Parfums Dusita

  • toxic melocotones Giorgio Giorgio Beverly Hills

  • floral watercolor L’eau Par Kenzo

The legendary flower soliflore:

  • an ode to Lily Diorissimo, Christian Dior

  • manifest tuberose Fracas, Robert Piguet

  • the brightest of our time tuberose Carnal Flower, Frederic Malle

  • perhaps the most famous rose from the author of many rose Sofia Groisman – Paris, Yves Saint Laurent

  • the mysterious and elusive Iris Silver Mist, Serge Lutens as an example of the really important perfume iris

  • not new, but a stunning beautiful blue, tender lilac, En Passant Frederic Malle

  • violet, which you can close once the whole violet theme Violette Molinard.

Abstract and intricate floral-aldehyde:

  • discreet classic Sortilege, Le Galion

  • gentle and timid Caleche Hermes

  • the flavor of the future Superstitious, Frederic Malle

  • legendary No5, Chanel that is changing, but the position is not losing.

Ekaterina Khmelevskaya, perfume critic, author of the website aromablog.ru, instaram — @aromablog, telegram-channel — Aromablog.




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