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Perfumer, a chemist, a specialist in the field of fragrances and a regular contributor to the encyclopedia Fragrantica Matthew Yudov — the best woody fragrances.

Wood — extensive collection with many options for unisex. The tree makes the fragrance warm and deep. In the traditional palette, sandalwood, cedar, Oud, vetiver.

Wonderwood, Hinoki, Zagorsk, Comme des Garcons

Abstract woody aromas – skate brand. Choose your option: a fabulous super-wood with sandalwood slope (Wonderwood), brooding Japanese cypress (Hinoki) or birch translucent with sprouting leaves near the Orthodox Church (Zagorsk).

Femenite du Bois, Shiseido

The legendary fragrance, who showed that the cedar may be a key ingredient of fine ladies of the composition. Plum, dried fruits, peel of ripe peach, honey, rose, cream, spices.

Bois de Mysore, Mizensir

One of the best scents on the topic of sandalwood. Wood and lactone face natural sandalwood oil blend from Sri Lanka are carefully polished, beaten, floral-fruity accord, violet leaf and cardamom. A special gloss of the composition gives a specific “wet” musk vulcanoid.

The Night, Editions de Parfumes Frederic Malle

Woody-loud animalistic composition, is built around notes of Oud (aquillaria, agar wood), a blockbuster ingredient. One of the few cases where the composition of fragrance is really a natural essential oil of Oud.

Bois Naufrage, Parfumerie Générale

The aroma on the work of the famous photographer Lucien clergue’s. Wood chord, salty sea spray, green Fig leaves, warmed by the sun dark skin beauties.

Vetiver, Guerlain

Vetiver is traditionally considered a woody ingredient, although essential oil is extracted from fine roots of this plant of family of grasses. Vitorovich of monoaromatic a great many, but hermanovski vetiver has long been considered the gold standard of the genre.

Barbier des Isles, Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Released in 1978 and is now seeming a bit old-fashioned spicy-balsamic woody aroma with a pronounced “bradobrey” chord and brutal leather accent. Forty years later it sounds very niche and unusual.

Woodissime, Mugler

A modern woody fragrance (sandal-cedar-patchouli-vetiver-Oud) with fruit and a suede note of osmanthus. As always with Mugler, technically flawless and perfectly balanced.

Chene, Serge Lutens

Hypnotic fabulous flavor, thanks to which the imagination immediately draws the giant oak tree from “Hedgehog in the fog”. Dry precious wood notes of rum, bitter immortelle, fragrant honey.


Aroma, largely due to whom we owe ugovoru boom that hit the us over 15 years ago and still not handing over the position. Spicy, balsamic, dense, loud, fundamental.

Bois d Encens by Armani Prive

A minimalist composition on the theme of cedar and smoldering incense, framed by spices and balsamic rounded labdanum. One of the best ladanov and one of the best scents in the line Armani Prive.

Bois des Iles Chanel

Timeless classics, created, as well as the legendary No. 5 perfumer Ernest Beaux. Sandalwood-powdery composition c Sunny, tropical ylang-ilangovan touch, rounded in the starting aldehydes and sweetened vanilla and resins in the base.

Idole, Lubin

A hypnotic fragrance, constructed of woody notes, spicy saffron, orange peel, leather notes and sweet vanilla and coconut rum. In sum – the scent of exotic travel.

Beloved Man Amouage

Intricate wood-spicy composition in classical style. Start citrus, spices (saffron, cardamom, black pepper), bright heart flower (geranium, Jasmine), notes of leather, resins and balsams in the base.

Bois d Ombrie, Eau d’italie

Life in the forests of Umbria abounds: it smells like cognac, rum and sweet fragrant pipe tobacco. To the main chord of wood, surrounded by a balm, it’s got green notes and a rather strange vegetable thing.

Enchanted Forest The Vagabond Prince

The fragrance, created fashion on a note of black currant in perfumes. Forest history master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour told with the help of vetiver, cedar, oakmoss, patchouli and opopanax.

Original Pino Silvestre

The iconic fragrance, created over 60 years ago with a lot of fans to this day. A rare example of coniferous notes, placed in the center of the composition. The smell of crushed pine needles encased here in a classic fougere base: citrus, lavender, herbs, geranium, Tonka beans absolute, oak moss.

Precious Forest, Keiko Mecheri

Unusual composition, dense and rich, with a huge number of minor details. The main sandalwood-wdowy tone supported by vanilla bean and subtle leather notes.

Roma Edt Cedro, Laura Biagiotti

A recent Flanker of the bestseller Roma Uomo, established in 1992, Annick Menardo. In the new version of the fragrance is reinforced with woody cedar and sandalwood notes, but the start is decorated with rhubarb and aquatic marine accents.

Wood & Absinth By Mark Buxton

The name speaks for itself: “pencil” cedar, creamy sandalwood, slightly smoky vetiver, a bit of citrus, tart bitter wormwood and sweet star anise. Transparent watercolor composition, very friendly and comfortable.

Matthew Yudov, chemist, specialist in the field of odoriferous substances, Creator of the popular science blog perfume “Hyperboloid of Leopold the cat”, a regular contributor to Fragrantica perfume encyclopedia.



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