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American researchers at northwestern University concluded that frequent consumption of eggs can cause serious problems with heart and blood vessels.

Experts say that one large egg contains roughly 186 milligrams of cholesterol. That is, three eggs they are almost 300. This figure increases the risk of heart disease and blood vessels in humans by 3.2%. And the risk of mortality increases by 4.4%. The researchers suggest that every additional half of an egg, which the person eats in a day increases the risk of premature death by 1.9%.

Conducted the study with colleagues Dr. Victor Zhong. The scientist said that experiments conducted earlier did not consider that people may have some unhealthy habits. It such as bad diet, Smoking and little exercise.

– The new study, carried out includes a comprehensive assessment of these factors, – said the author of a scientific work.

In the study of the problems experts have processed the data of six American research groups. Only involved about 30 thousand volunteers. The average age of volunteers is 17.5 years. While people watched about 5 thousand 400 people detected changes in the heart and problems with the vascular system.

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