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During the experiment, the garlic helped animals retain the memory in old age.

American scientists from the University of Louisville concluded that consumption of garlic may help to maintain cognitive abilities into old age. Brain age-related changes are inevitable, even though all this process proceeds with its own characteristics. Scientists are constantly looking for ways that will help stop or delay age-related loss of intelligence.

Scientists based the assumption on the positive effects of garlic on brain-based evidence that intestinal microflora may influence different processes in the body. With age decreases the diversity of the intestinal microflora. Garlic helps to maintain normal microflora due to the content of unique compounds that can effectively fight inflammation and pathogens.

Scientists presented the results of their research at the annual meeting of the American physiological society. Experts introduced in the diet of two year old mice for these animals is old age, the Supplement of garlic extract, namely allyl sulfides.

A month mice compared with their peers who did not receive supplements. In animals that received allyl sulfides, as the memory was much better than the other – they are better oriented in space and performed other tests.

Now scientists plan to conduct a more detailed investigation of the intestinal microflora with age-related brain aging.

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