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Looking for a hero who wants to get rid of wrinkles with the brand Sesderma.

Not so long ago we were looking for volunteers who would like to experience opportunities for professional and home care Spanish brand Sesderma.

The two candidates with photodamage and age-related seborrheic skin without acne we found. But a volunteer with melkomorschinisty type of aging continue to look for.

So, we need a man over 40 with thin, sensitive skin and translucent vessels. With a smile around the eyes and on the cheeks it appears a mesh of wrinkles. Examples Are Sharon Stone, Bridget Macron, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker.

You may recognize the description of yourself, mother or grandmother? Then we are looking forward to your letter!

Who will pick up the care?

Counseling is Marina Agapova, dermatologist-beautician, therapist, certified coach Sesderma and chief physician of the clinic Versua Clinic.

Our regular readers know Marina Alexandrovna material on peptides in cosmetics.

The doctor will prescribe home care and treatments brand Sesderma, which will have to do and use for a few weeks.

How to get to the project?

  • Please send your application before 17 March [email protected] with the theme of “Sesderma”.
  • When registering please provide your name, phone, and age.
  • Describe your skin type.
  • Tell us about the problems of your skin: what are you most dissatisfied with for a long time, tried to fight.
  • Describe how you care for the skin at home and in the salon. What brands use what media do you prefer? What is your program of care? Do you visit the beautician? How often? For what procedures?
  • When was the last time you visited a cosmetologist and what procedures you performed?
  • Specify whether you are planning a vacation in the mountains or the sea in the near future?
  • You have an allergic reaction and if so, what?
  • You have implants (dental, filament, polymeric gels)?
  • Why did you choose the project with the funds Sesderma? Do you know something about the brand?
  • Be sure to attach the pictures (front and profile) and photos of the problems you want to solve.

You must be prepared:

  • to find the time to visit all of procedures,
  • strictly adhere to prescription.

Your photos to the project, during and after procedures will be published along with your treatment history.

Waiting for your letters!

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