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Expert advises to abandon training, when you have a bad mood – so you can only hurt yourself.

Recently, scientists analyzed data from 12 thousand 500 people living in 52 countries. It turned out that intense exercise in a bad mood increases the risk of serious heart disease.

– Heart problems and exercise in anger – not a good combination. Their combination in three times increases the risk of infection and the onset of a heart attack. Therefore, it is not necessary to go for a workout if you feel not important. Better to just take a walk in the Park or distract from unpleasant thoughts, listening to music, says psychologist John Lister.

However, the expert notes that adhere to the Council is for the people who are at risk and have a potential threat of high cholesterol and diseases of the heart and vascular system.

Still moderate and regular exercise will help to strengthen your overall health. But you should pay attention to their psychological state and to go to training just in a good mood. People need to get away from the sport only fun in order to exercise the body bring only benefit and not harm.

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