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Walk through the Mall ended for the child in the hospital.

electric current

In one of the shopping centers of Beijing, the incident occurred, which resulted in the hospital was a child. The girl touched one of the ornaments of the interior of the shopping center and got electric shock. The incident was caught on video, which was later published in social networks.

As seen in the frames of the video, in a shopping centre with decorations in the form of trees. Next to them walk and photographed the children. At some point, the girl clasps his hand around the base of one of these trees, after which it begins to be current. Initially, the adults standing nearby, thought the child was just messing around – it looked really like a girl clinging to a tree and stomping their feet. But then it became clear that the “trunk” of a tree not a few seconds pulled the electric discharge, after which the child fell to the floor and remained lying. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital, doctors gave her the necessary assistance, now her health is not threatened.

At the Mall commented on the incident and said it was ready to answer for what happened. The audit showed that the contractor, who performed work on the installation of decorations, not attached to trees ground wire.

The child’s mother intends to file a lawsuit. She demands damages in the amount of 30 000 yuan (about 280 thousand).

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