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In arcade you can choose a character and go to save the magical garden

Gucci introduced the game dedicated to the aroma of Profumo di Fiori. In arcade you can choose a character campaign – Angelica Houston, Florence Welch, Jody Turner-Smith or Susie cave and play from the girls face.

The campaign was filmed in the scenery of the Italian monastery of La Scarzuola. In the game, as minefill, girls are transferred to the fabulous world of flowers. To win in an arcade, you need to illumine unopened buds and collect perfume bottles.

To play the game online or in the app Gucci.

Recall that the brand has released their version of pinball, retro arcade game with a hunt for mascara as well as games with symbols of the fashion house.


Florence Welch


the game

Angelica Houston

gucci bloom

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