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Summer flew by, autumn collection various brands already went “in people”, Merry Christmas, and, of course, pleasing to the eye and the soul Christmas collection. That this time has prepared us to Guerlain?

Traditionally, the collection includes a palette (in this release, combined with aliterati), lipstick, gloss, meteorites and dust. Look at the photo?

photo: instagram @sugakokondo

So, in a palette of highlighter two and eight shades of shadows. Three shades from the top row quite ndovie, three, apparently, semernya, but nothing extraordinary, red and green — I refer to the Christmas, the shimmer is also not devoid of color. A bilateral sponge and brush shimmers / highlighters, in the photo below you can see the beveled brush.

Glitter — very cute, I would love pink and red (crimson?).

Here are more photos of the palette, the shimmer is more noticeable, I think.

photo: www.reallyree.com/guerlain-christmas-2018-palette-sneak-peek/

Lipstick in the Christmas collection are available in three pearlescent shades. Hard case will be sold separately. Lipstick color in common with the glosses, but the mother-of-pearl somehow personally makes me recall the late 90s — early zero))

photo: instagram @sugakokondo

The powder, apparently, transparent finish. Case unusual, white, quite stylish, in my opinion.

photo: instagram @sugakokondo

photo: instagram @sugakokondo

About meteorites information, and clear photos, no. But that they are likely to be represented in the collection, as well as their approximate form, can be seen in the next photo (I see pink-beige-champagne color-white mother of pearl)):

photo: instagram @marytushik

Here there are two more Guerlain lipstick Kiss Kiss, apparently, they are also included in the collection, although the details of this I have not found.

The sale collection will be, most likely, in November.

By the way, the House of Guerlain celebrates this year 190 years. Toilet innovations for the anniversary wrote Hope oriVmode here and here, perhaps on a significant date stamp will delight us with some new products that are still secret?

My name is Alena, all good and beauty)

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