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What to do if you love the hairstyles, but I hate studs and invisible? Show three options for using the hair thread Kevin.Murphy.

Recently, we found that in Kevin.Murphy not only has great shampoos mask conditioners and styling with amazing fragrances. It turns out that this Kevin is a real inventor. On account of his 120 patents for all sorts of make life easier the hairdressing thing.

At the presentation of the spray Retouch.Me, I saw master in a jiffy made the model a cool smooth tail with some thin rope. Later it turned out that this is another invention of Kevin Barber thread. And it’s not a conventional smooth floss, no. In its composition, bamboo and plastic (biodegradable). Therefore, it is hard and a little rough — something between a paper bundle and a thin wire. And it’s much easier to fix the hair: it is non-slip and not untied. Sold in set Sewing Kit of three shades (light, brown and black) and a thick needle in the kit.

But until I met with coach stylist Kevin.Murphy Svetlana Yastremsky, I (as I suspect most girls) weakly represented that, except for the tail, you can make a thread.

It turned out, almost everything. “Thread replaces any clips, hairpins and Bobby pins, — has told Light, — All the hair styles that you would normally do with their participation, you can repeat thread. The main advantage of the thread absolutely is not felt and does not hurt the hair”.

Svetlana showed me three options of hairstyles that every hairdresser will do to you for half an hour. (And if you have hands grow from the right place, it is possible that Barber will need:)

Option # 1: Low ponytail

First Light made a parting from ear to ear through the crown and separated so all the hair into two parts. The lower part is wrapped and tied with a thread. The end of the thread trim was not — he still needed.

The top of the hair stabbed another invention of Kevin — clip Wave Clip.

Then on this design struck a Light texturizing spray Hair.Resort.Spray.

After 5 minutes, the spray had dried, I removed the clip and naturally sewed the top of the hair to the bottom.


For everything (talking and shooting) went for about twenty minutes.

Light: “a common thread so to do will not work — it is too soft and slippery. And this is how consolidated — so it lasts, and hair locks.”

Option # 2: Low beam

The spin beam from the tail. On the length of the Light causing powdery spray Bedroom.Hair — it makes hair more pliable.

Wraps the beam and a needle with thread sews in a circle to the main mass of hair. About the same as on the lessons of labor in school we were taught to put patches.

Light: “With the help of styling products or filament bundle can be given a different shape to make it more three-dimensional, elongated, or flat.”

The wizard adds the negligence hair, pulling a few small pieces out.

Light: “Kevin likes everybody to look like a girl just got out of bed and took the hair to my face. So we specially take out small strands. They still look very cool when driving. The same technique Kevin uses when prepping models for the shows”.


Option # 3: a Bunch of nodes

For this hairstyle all the previous design had to be disbanded.

Light takes hair from the crown and at the temples, like hairstyles malvinka, divides into two equal strands and tying them with a double knot, as a pioneer tie. The node locks the thread.

On top of strands catches a few crabs and deals spray Hair.Resort.Spray — thus get sloppy texture.

All the loose ends of the hair of Light spins into another type curlers — Curlers with a Hair ball. And again, sprinkle a texturizing hair spray Hair.Resort.Spray.

In principle, if you remove all crabs and curlers, already it turns out well.

But we go on)

Light the remaining hair ties in multiple tie knots.

Locking thread and the ends of the ties and hides somewhere in the depth of the beam.



When I was engaged in dances, speeches wore healthy kinky curly. Fastened it with two or three dozen pins. After that, I wanted to first tear off the head and then massaging it all the next day. Since then, I’ve been avoiding studs. Heck, even normal gum-spring I always feel.

With the last beam, which made the Light, I went for two days. Conveniently incredible! Thread in her hair there is absolutely — no weights, not pushing, not pulling. As if it does not. The hair is not wanted neither to dissolve nor to relax the hair, as happens when braids are too tight.

I also have a suspicion that this hairstyle is unkillable until then, until you cut the thread. I slept with a bunch and could stand on the ears, to participate in the “Race of Heroes” and survive on a desert island.

From all this history, I draw two conclusions. First: the thread — great tool with which you can cheat a lot of fun. Second: I imagine it is unlikely that any of these hairstyles can create yourself — still want to see what an idiot even stupid, but still a needle. But spinning a bundle of girlfriend — easily. I very much want someone to practice!

The price of the kit Sewing Kit: 1250 RUB in offline-shop for hairdressers “Shamelessly Talented” (Nizhny Susalny lane, 5 p. 13 (Business quarter “ARMA”)).

Salons that work with the thread:


    • Keep Looking;
    • Saco “Park Of Culture”;
    • Today or tomorrow
    • Authentica Club;
    • “British”;
    • V the image of the “Ostozhenka”;
    • “Devyani”;
    • Aesthetica;
    • Privé7 Beauty Express “European”;
    • Fame;
    • Hair spot “armour-plating”;
    • Club Profile Professional “Pyatnitskaya”;


  • Authentica Club “Yekaterinburg”


  • Authentica club

Saint Petersburg:

  • Omega Beauty

And often you do hairstyles? Which do you prefer? How about the studs?

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