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Found that problems with blood vessels throughout the body have a negative effect on brain structures.

Experts at the University of Edinburgh in the UK published in the European Heart journal the results of his research on the relationship between vascular lesions and brain structures.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the brain is suffering from the effects of diseases which are associated with vascular lesions throughout the body. Among the main reasons which negatively affect the blood vessels, identified were hypertension, obesity, arrhythmia, diabetes, and bad habits – Smoking and alcohol.

During the study, researchers scanned using magnetic resonance imaging of the brain is almost ten thousand patients at the age from 44 to 79 years. Some of them were diagnosed with problems with blood vessels.

The experiment showed that in patients with severe vascular pathologies, a lot of gray matter of the brain is less by 3% compared to those who have not had significant problems with blood vessels. It was also noted the decline in white matter of the brain, but it was less noticeable.

The authors of the study called for patients to carefully follow the doctor’s recommendations for the treatment of diseases that cause vascular disease, to avoid destruction of brain tissue. As the most effective means of prevention they recommended a healthy lifestyle and complete rejection of bad habits.

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