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Scientists have discovered an unexpected benefit of the heat to the female body.


The German researchers managed to discover the unexpected beneficial effect of heat on the female body. Few could think that hot weather is able to influence cognitive abilities of the fair sex.

Install use heat managed in the course of the experiment, which was attended by 500 men and women. Under the terms of the experiment they had to pass various tasks, both on a cognitive and mathematical and verbal ability. Testing was conducted at different temperatures of the air during the experiment varied from 16 to 32 degrees Celsius. In the experiment, it was impossible to use a calculator, all calculations needed to make your own.

It turned out that the heat had a positive effect on the female brain girls better cope with the task, when the temperature was at its peak. Men, in turn, a better coped with the task in a cold environment, but logical exercise is also best carried out in the heat.

According to scientists, do not underestimate the air temperature in which we operate. For example, researchers argue that a sound approach to the temperature regime in the office can increase productivity among women and among men. In General, scientists believe that a warmer environment is better suited for conditions that require active mental activity.

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