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Probably some of you who follow American bloggers, drew attention to recent innovation — a super-healthy liquid lipstick , L’oréal, Les Chocolats, inspired by chocolate. We are invited to try on the 12 (conditional)nadovich shades dominating brown palette. I thought that this new product will soon be in Europe, so imagine my surprise when after a couple of weeks after the American reviews I’ve seen something similar in the British stands, L’oréal! Making lipsticks is different, but the names of the shades are the same, so have the courage to suggest that it is one and the same product.
“Live” Swatch included

All shades have attractive names such as Box of chocolates (“chocolate box”), Truffa mania (“truffle-mania”), Sweet tooth (“tooth”).
Despite the Association of the chocolate, the fondant “don’t melt on the lips and have a stable formula, which allows the lipstick to stay on lips for up to 12 hours. The formula is lightweight and comfortable, doesn’t look dry and will not crack“. Recommended for use on shelled and moisturized lips, apply the applicator from the center to the corners of the lips.
I managed to povucite 9 shades, which were presented at a local store. Full product name L’oréal Les Chocolats Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick, whereas in America they went as persistent lipsticks from the Infallible.

858 — Oh My Choc!
856 — 70% Yum
860 — Ginger Bomb
852 — Box of Chocolates
866 — Truffa Mania
854 — Bittersweet
842 — Candy Man
844 — Sweet Tooth
868 — Cacao Crush

I can confirm the following: well, actually smell like chocolate! Although even more chocolate syrup, but once applied the scent disappears pretty quickly. The applicator is convenient to use, and the contour to draw and distribute the lipstick in a thin layer. The formula is really interesting — not “gouache” coating like a wax work. On Swatch lipstick appears glossy and the gloss dries up long enough (for example, swatches photos below were taken after 5 minutes after application). However, on the lips, if they are to close, the lipstick immediately looks matte.

Most of the shades applied smoothly cover the pigment of the lips with one layer. Until I noticed that only the dark purple thin hard enough when applied. For myself, I have found so far only one more or less than any shade, as all light look on my lips, foreign, but for the summer I it did not want to buy. Lipstick quickly grasped, especially in dry areas of the lips, however, two-phase fluid is removed without any problems. Test of durability in 12 hours she was not satisfied, but judging by the “waxy” feeling, it definitely will not be erased from any touch.

866 Truffa Mania

In my opinion, the collection is decent if you have nothing against strong perfumes. However, it seems to me that colors are more suitable for autumn.
Estimated price: £8-9/$9
A set of chocolates from L’oréal? Liked any hints?

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