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Scientists have discovered another symptom that points to heart problems.


Specialists of the American heart Association has set a new symptom, which may indicate heart problems. In the published report noted that an increased level of calcium in the coronary vessels is an important indicator which tells about the structural anomalies in the heart.

Scientists conducted a study which investigated the level of calcium in the coronary vessels. It was attended by about 2 500 people. The volunteers did a CT scan, set the level of calcium in the coronary vessels, and then re-checked it after 15 and 25 years.

The study showed that the level of coronary calcium is associated with blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The more calcium in the coronary vessels, the higher the pressure and cholesterol. In addition, coronary calcium was an influence on the occurrence of diabetes. In this regard, the level of calcium in the coronary vessels may be an important marker that points to structural abnormalities in the heart.

It is noted that plaques of calcium in addition accumulate fat and cholesterol. These deposits can cause atherosclerosis and various problems with the cardiovascular system. The study authors emphasize that the monitoring of risk factors is extremely important to start at an early age, because the more time passes, the harder it will be to influence the situation.

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