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Fitness bracelets in our time have become very popular, there is no person who would not know about them or not heard, and the owner of the bracelet is almost every first encounter.

General information

  • Brand – Huawei
  • Name – Honor Band 5
  • Version – Global (EN) (There is also a Chinese CN)
  • The place of purchase – Amazon
  • Cost – $39.99
  • Manufacturer – China
  • Color scheme – Black (available in navy blue and pink)


Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

Blue and white cardboard package, a little wrinkled and scratched, the original postage package was also a little damaged, so here is clearly the fault of the post office.

The front side shows the bracelet and inscriptions in English, as the bracelet is with the global version.

The back side also has a bunch of inscriptions-characteristics.

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

The package includes

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

Inside the box is a plastic tray, which is a fitness bracelet, docking station for charging together, USB cord, quick user guide and warranty card, though why he is here I do not understand, if something happens to the bracelet, it is unlikely in Russia it will be covered by the Chinese warranty


Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

No different from the previous version of the bracelet – still the same black, embossed silicone strap with a practical clasp as on a regular watch, rather than the metal clasp-button used by the main competitors of these bracelets. The bracelet stays tightly on the hand and will not come off just like that.

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

Also on the strap there is a stopper to fix the unnecessarily long piece. Will fit any wrist size.

The capsule is attached to the bracelet with special plastic clasps, just do not remove them, in addition to the fact that you need to make an effort to do it with some sharp object, trying to unscrew clasps with your nails, you can these very nails break.

The screen is the same size as its predecessor, under it is the same touch button is not large, the glass is rounded and as for me it is weaker than in version 4, because I managed to make a small scratch, it is almost not visible, but it says that with this bracelet should be treated more carefully.

Overall it looks stylish.


On average it lasts 8-9 days, I have constant heart rate monitoring, smart alarm, sleep tracking, stand alerts, I often use the timer, if you turn it off the bracelet lives 14-15 days, but all these features are very handy, so it makes no sense to give them up.

Bracelet charges pretty fast, an hour and a half. I charge from the computer, for me it is more convenient than looking for an adapter and drag to the outlet.


Main Screen

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

Dials can be changed, 8 are available as standard (in the last version of the bracelet there were 4). Here before there was one of the two differences between the global version and the Chinese, in the Chinese version through the application on the phone you could download any dial from the huge number available, in the global version this possibility appeared about a month ago.

It is possible to change the watch face in the settings, or by long pressing on the screen.

A short press on the screen shows information about the pairing with the phone, the remaining battery charge and the weather.
At night time (22:00 – 06:00) the brightness of the screen is reduced to its minimum which will save you battery power if the screen goes on at night and will not dazzle your eyes if you wake up and decide to see what time it is, you can turn it off in the settings.

During a call, the screen shows who is calling us (the way the number is stored in your contact list), you can’tanswer the call with a bracelet , but you can reset the call, which is very convenient in a situation where you can not get your phone.


Here everything is simple, the fitness bracelet performs its main function – it shows the number of steps walked during the day. You can go to this point to find out more information.

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

It works quite accurately, I purposely, counted steps and checked them with indicators on the screen, the values are almost the same with an error of a couple of steps.

Heart rate monitor

It works quickly and clearly, I compared the figures with a tonometer that measures heart rate and pressure, plus this even counted manually, an error of a couple of beats, I do not think this is critical. If the constant monitoring of heart rate is on, the data are taken about every 10 minutes and recorded in the application on your smartphone.

There is no way to cheat the bracelet, if you turn the heart rate monitor on, but take the bracelet off your hand, it will tell you that the bracelet is not on correctly.

Blood Oxygen

A feature that is missing in version 4 of the bracelet.

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

It works properly, if you try to cheat it and hold your breath, the oxygen reading does start to go down, and if you start breathing again, it increases. In addition to the index of oxygen in the blood at the same time the pulse is displayed.

The only thing is that you have to literally squeeze your hand to get the data correctly.


Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

The bracelet itself will only show total sleep time (day and night), more detailed data on the phases of sleep can be found in the app on your smartphone.

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review


Here you can choose the type of physical activity, of all these features I used only the walking mode outside.
Workouts that can be tracked:

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

This bracelet has all those workouts that were in the predecessor, as well as added walking indoors, ellipse, rowing machine.


Settings in which you can change the dial, turn on the timer or stopwatch, find your phone, change the brightness of the screen, turn off or restart the bracelet, as well as see information about it.


Here, unlike version 4, initially nothing slowed down and did not lag, there is the same 10 messages in the memory of the bracelet. In the phone you can set up messages from which applications you want to receive. The answer function is not provided.

Music Management

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

A feature that appeared with the next update back in October. With this tab you can manage the music on the phone, and not only music, but also video.
It all works very simple, you have to start the music, for example, Vkontakte and already on the bracelet you can switch the song, pause or make the sound louder or quieter, with video the same system works. The signal is transmitted quickly, there is no such that you press pause and have to wait until the song or video will stop, they stop instantly.

The only thing that this function works not with all applications, I know exactly what it works with video and music that are in the phone memory, with Google and Yandex music, the official application of VK, with a modified application of VK mp3 mod, with YouTube.

The application

Called Huawei health, it can be found and downloaded in google play.

When you first turn on the bracelet, you need to connect to the phone through this application, you need to turn on Bluetooth and find the right bracelet in the list.

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

After that, from your smartphone you can go to the bracelet settings and configure everything as you want, for example, to enable, continuous heart rate monitoring, continuous heart rate measurement, connect notifications, weather reports, rotate the screen, the dial, etc.

Alarm Clock function is very convenient because it does not wake all the inhabitants of the house, the bracelet slightly vibrates at a given time and gently waking up without disturbing anyone. The smart alarm clock will keep track of your sleep phases and wake you up at the best time within a set period of time.

Here you can track your vitals, set a goal for the number of steps, and update the software.

But with updating software you need to be careful and it is better to read in advance on technical forums than it is fraught with, I unknowingly downloaded an update at the end of December, after which my bracelet went out and the screen did not light up, I already thought that all, he went straight to the dump, especially with the disabled screen fully charged battery he ate for 1.5 days (I tracked this through a smartphone which was connected bracelet), it finally passed out, I put it on charge without hoping for anything and the screen came alive. After that I read on a technical forum that many owners of this bracelet that update took out the bracelet just like it was for me.

How to change the strap

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

The strap of version 5 is made of slightly different material than the 4. I do not know what they put in there, but I started to have allergies, consistently in the same place under the bracelet.

To change the bracelet pull out the plugs with something sharp, I did it with manicure scissors. You take out the capsule and put on parts of a new bracelet, attach it with the same plugs.

Adjusting the length of the bracelet can also be done with nail scissors, and I personally had to google how to handle such a clasp on the bracelet, it turned out pretty simple, you just need to pick up the cover with a sharp and thin object and it will snap off, then the slider can be moved to the desired position and snap off just like it snapped off only in the opposite direction.

Experience of use/operation

I have been using the bracelet since September, no complaints about the bracelet. The complaints are about the software and the material of the bracelet, which turned out to be allergenic.
Steps counts correctly, heart rate accurately, tracks sleep, knows when I went for a nap and when I woke up at night, switches the music.

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

Exercise tracking is good, although I have only run a couple of outdoor walks just to check it out.

My phone since I bought it in silent mode, so the bracelet for me is a necessary thing, even being away from the phone I will be aware that someone calls me or a message comes.
The screen is bright, in the sun everything is visible and there are no problems with it.

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

Waterproof in the full sense I have not tested, no swimming in the pool or in the lake, before taking a shower, because just not convenient, but when just washing your hands, floors or washing dishes bracelet remains on my hand and it still works, although several times has been under the faucet with running water or in a basin.

During the entire time of use I have planted it only one not particularly noticeable scratch, it is visible only at a certain angle, tactile is not felt, visually it is not visible if you do not know that it is there.


Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

I was satisfied with the bracelet, in fact it is a slightly improved version 4, rather than a full 5, yes there is a new dials, yes there is a measurement of oxygen in the blood, yes there is a new training, you can control the music, but along with this appeared buggy software, and it would be written off as an isolated incident if it were not reported on the technical forum, with many after such funny bracelet is no longer on. Plus allergies to the strap if you believe the same forums were not just me, so again, this is not an isolated incident, and indeed in the material of the bracelet there is something that can cause allergies.

But it performs its functions, and performs well.

Is it worth the money? I think so. Is it better than the 4 version? Also yes.

Do I recommend it?

Those who are looking for a budget bracelet that performs its functions, as well as those who want to monitor your health and track workouts, this option is for you. Although people far from sports bracelet also makes life very easy, for example, the same silent alarm, vibration when calling and incoming messages, and at least you can always see and know the time without resorting to your phone.


  • Budget
  • Vibrating alarm
  • Keeps battery for over a week
  • Water protection
  • Training mode
  • Precise measurements
  • Call and text message alerts
  • Music Control
  • Phone finder
  • Bright screen


  • Bracelet material can cause allergies
Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet - review

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