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Finding the perfect lipstick shade is sometimes harder than it looks. Because not only does the skin tone play an important role in the choice, but also the hair color that we are currently wearing. Which lipsticks blend in perfectly with your hair color? Read on.

To ensure that the contrast between blonde and blonde hair does not seem too big, blondes should refrain from wearing dark red lipstick and avoid shades such as eggplant or plums. Instead, light brown, such as on Haley Bieber or tomato red, such as on Emily Blunt’s lips, is ideal. If it’s too bright for you, then choose a subtle pink shade!

Redheads better stop at the lipsticks of light brownish shades. They fit perfectly, and this is proved by actresses Sophie Turner and Jessica Chestein, who have painted the lips with the shades of rosewood and carrot. Redheads can also add dark nude shades to their lipstick collection!

The shades of lipsticks are very good for light brown hair, and dark brown hair with a light reddish shade can experiment with brown and carrot tones.

Black hair always looks mysterious – just like the colour of the lipstick you wear! In addition to the classic look with bright red lipstick, experiment with delicate pink and brown hues. These colours are perfect for ladies with black hair!

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