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Have you ever had days when you didn’t want to wear makeup, but felt insecure without it? If yes, I have 8 ways to quickly improve the look of my face, give it a fresh and radiant look without using heavy makeup.

The most important thing is that in order to look beautiful without make-up, it is necessary to focus on the proper care and then you do not need to apply tons of makeup to your face.

How to look good without makeup

  1. regular exfoliation of the face
    It is possible to cleanse the skin every day using a delicate skimmed scrub, for example, on the basis of rice powder, an ingredient that Asians have used to lighten the skin for centuries. Another option is to use the scrub less often, 1-3 times a week, depending on the type and needs of the skin.
  2. Application of soothing tonic
    To minimize any irritation and redness, after cleansing, spray soothing tonic on your skin. I love the Essential Calming Tonic, which is ideal for sensitive and vascular facial skin.

The product provides deep and incredibly gentle cleansing of the skin without irritation restores the pH and eliminates any imperfections of the skin, as well as redness. Brightens pigment spots, giving the skin a young shine.

3. use vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of the most studied cosmetic ingredients with proven anti-aging properties. To make your skin look beautiful without make-up, use vitamin C cosmetics. Every day is ideal as a light day cream serum.

4. Give a cooling massage

To relieve facial swelling, immediately after application of the serum, give a drainage massage with a jade roller or pink quartz. This will improve blood circulation in the skin and help it to restore a healthy color. In the long run, such a massage will be a good element for the prevention of wrinkles.

5. Eye cream

Eye cream cannot replace the corrector, but it will definitely improve the appearance and reduce dark circles under the eyes. To look fresh, use your favorite make-up artist behind the scenes: Embryolisse stick, Eclat du Regard.

It instantly removes signs of fatigue, making the skin supple and smoothing out wrinkles. Cooling effect helps to reduce edema and bags under the eyes.

6.Use the corrector
It visibly improves facial skin and visually smoothes out uneven skin tone. It also contains ingredients that work well on the skin, such as squalane, magnesium, zinc and oil. Choose a corrector to match your problem: green reduces redness, yellow pigment spots, and purple gives a glow to the grey tired complexion.

7. Close your eyelashes

Now let’s focus on adding expressiveness to your look. Use the old and proven method: twist lashes with the help of an eyelash keller. They will make them visually larger and thicker. For optimal effect, hold the Keller on your lashes for a few seconds and repeat the same thing twice.

8. sturise your lips

The last step is to moisturize the lips. To revive them a little, use a nourishing lip balm that gives your lips a light and shiny appearance, such as Baume de Rose By Terry. Rose-smelling balm, placed in a small jar, is a favourite of French women.

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