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Experts claim a few colds per year for an adult is quite normal. But to strengthen the immunity still stands.

Many people think that they are sick too often. But, according to statistics, in almost all cases, frequent colds rather, it is simply annoying, not dangerous. For an adult to be sick five times a year is normal. The main thing that you quickly and without complications recovered. If you manage to gippoliti months, it makes sense to consult with a doctor – you may need some vaccinations and other additional measures for the prevention of infection by pathogenic viruses.

In children the situation is somewhat different. Kids under one year, children of primary school and early adolescence can cheer ten times a year. This so-called “critical periods” when the child’s body is weakened due to natural causes, such as hormonal changes.

The immune system is closely connected with the endocrine and nervous systems. Prolonged stress, hormonal disorders and other related problems, have a serious impact on the immune system. Protection from external threats depends on how you healthy. Chronic diseases and inflammatory processes of any nature adversely affect the ability of the immune system to cope with viruses and bacteria.

Studies show that for normal functioning of the immune system important for proper nutrition, light exercise and proper sleep. Although in recent years, many people refuse vaccinations, but experts recommend not to neglect them.

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