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1. Aroma

The aroma is something that subconsciously affects the perception of the person. The aroma is a kind of aura, able to bewitch and enchant.

Kenzo the World is a reflection of your inner freedom, the scent of disarming femininity, bright, cheerful, playful. The bottle is in the shape of the eye contains delicious sounding almond flowers, peony, iris, pear… Floral notes and fruit tones have gone to his head!

2. Hairstyle

Forget about strict and boring hairstyles, make emphasis on mischief! Reel fun curls instead of straight hair, let a few strands of the familiar tail, sloppy braid braids instead of a bun. Play, create, act!

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3. Dress

Jeans and a sweater are fine, but you remember our purpose? To boast of new clothes you’ll have time in front of his girlfriend, but that he noticed how adorable you are — emphasize their best side. For example, buy a Flirty dress: a bright, flying, and most importantly — right for you.

4. Smile

Remember a simple rule: “a Smile begets a smile”. It is unlikely he will pay attention to the sad girl with a sullen expression, and whiners who loves little. Be cheerful, be positive light, smile! After all, someone could fall in love with your smile 😉

PS And the beauty of a smile you can emphasize balm Kenzoki Balm for Lips to Kiss, which will make lips feel soft, smooth, perfect for kissing.

5. The gleam in his eyes

Mascara on the eyelashes is of course an important element of the beauty of the image, which will emphasize your eyes. But what’s the point if you look extinct? That’s right, no! So let your positivity and enthusiasm to break out: let the eyes Shine, bewitching him with her beauty and depth. Shine brighter than the stars and don’t forget that eyes are the mirror of the soul.

6. Courage

We live here and now, so why not take a chance? Offer him something original. Services to another city, fly in aerotrube, dine in an unusual place, go ballooning, try extreme sports, defeat your fears. In General, do what I never did, feel the taste of life. Your courage and enthusiasm will not leave him indifferent!

7. Natural

The most important way to attract his attention is simple: be yourself, but to the best of his release. Be strong and confident in what you want to be. Remember: you are special! And he will definitely notice.

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