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Told the art Director of Aldo Coppola “the seasons” by Giuseppe Castaldi


Art Director of beauty center Aldo Coppola in Galleries “seasons” by Giuseppe Castaldi told how to properly care for your hair in summer, and by what means you should pay attention in the first place.

Summer hair care is different from winter?

Winter hair is often electrified due to the weather, therefore it is better to use a moisturizer, they smooth the hair, eliminate static electricity and give them a healthier look and Shine. In the summer we often wash our hair with shampoo, the hair becomes dry and split, and the sun has adverse effects. Therefore it is necessary to use nourishing products, and at night, apply oil with natural ingredients, light texture without the effect of weighting, such as Aldo Coppola Aquamare. Also pay attention to Spa treatments for the hair, which in the Aldo Coppola beauty centres are complemented by a scalp massage.

What tools are necessary to include in your summer “beauty diet”, and which to refuse?

In the summer you can opt from products with silicones. They give rapid and visible results unlike funds from the natural composition, but not bring the hair much good. Products with natural ingredients give a cumulative effect. In addition, it is necessary to choose a special summer line-up, which provide hair with adequate care and protection.

What are the main mistakes on care of hair in summer?

The main mistake is the use of funds according to the label instead of products with SPF protection. Thermal protection can weigh hair down, which is not very good for their health.

Are organic products for hair care or it is not for citizens?

In the metropolis such funds is necessary, as in connection with bad ecology hair often lacking in vitamins and natural elements. Of organic remedies effectively provide hair with the necessary nutrition than their synthetic counterparts.

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