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Since then, sushi became the favorite food of Russians. In their popularity they can even be compared to pizza. However, what about sushi combined with a healthy diet? To help understand this helped nutritionist Elena Yagodkina.

The specialist explained that if you choose the right sushi, they can be included in a useful for health and figure diet. Because the main components of the rolls is fish and rice. They give a lot of useful proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins.

When the rolls are harmful?

  • Rolls tempura.
  • This kind of rolls fried in deep fat. For this reason, it is a very nutritious dish.

  • Spicy rolls.
  • To the severity that sushi is flavored spicy sauce based on mayonnaise. It adds to the dish extra calories, but your waistline extra inches.

  • The vegan spring rolls. Like a useful product, but why was he in this list? The fact is that the vegetarian rolls are not enough nutrients, that appetite will be very soon. And hunger can lead to overeating.
  • The soy sauce. I must say that one spoon of this sauce contains a lot of sodium 879 mg. If you look at the daily diet, it turns out a third of the norm. So go easy on the soy sauce harmful.
  • Rolls will be useful if:

  • They will include avocado, tuna or salmon.
  • Many ignore this type of roll, considering them too simple, but absolutely in vain. They are best suited to useful power. If you cook the rolls for yourself, then try white rice to replace brown.

  • Eat with salad rolls.
  • The nutritionist advises to portions of the rolls to always take the salad. It may European salad or Asian — chukka.

    Fiber will help to digest the fish and rice.

  • To drink more water.
  • Eat the rolls with water is very useful. This helps prevent swelling and discomfort due to water retention. The nutritionist says that ginger ale works, too, but there should not be sugar.

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