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Ahead of the coldest season, a warm coat must be present in every wardrobe. Shops offer a variety of coat styles, from short models to maxi coats. Before you buy this product, be sure to look at the label! What information can I find there?

How to choose the perfect coat for autumn: read the labels

Label – basic information

Usually we can see two labels on the coat – one on top of the collar, and the other, much more, but at the bottom, at the side. On the first we can read the name and size of the brand, and on the second label – detailed information about the composition and care. Don’t cut them off, they are very important! If you have already done this, save them, they will be useful, for example, during washing.


Merino, cashmere, alpaca, angora, mohair – these natural fibers are quite expensive because they are derived from animal wool. The most popular fabric from which coats are made is wool.

How to choose the perfect coat for autumn: read the labels

The big advantage of wool is that it absorbs ultraviolet rays and warms it up perfectly. Cotton, on the contrary, is more durable, but unfortunately, it is easy to wrinkle. Both materials are characterized by good hygroscopic properties, which means that they absorb moisture well. Don’t be afraid of the addition of synthetic materials in the composition! Their small amount can, for example, increase resistance to deformation or crumbling.


How to choose the perfect coat for autumn: read the labels

On the label you will find information not only about the outer layer of the coat, but also about the lining. Most coats have a thin, slippery polyester lining. If you’re cold, look for a warm fleece, cotton or quilted fabric with insulation. In more expensive versions, the lining is made of better quality material, such as silk or viscose.


How to choose the perfect coat for autumn: read the labels

Once you’ve decided on a specific coat style, all you have to do is find the right size. Each brand has its own size grid, which makes it much more difficult. If you are shopping online, check the exact size, in the real world you can try on several models. Choosing a style oversize, pay attention to the small details, thanks to them the coat is quite different on the figure. Remember that the winter coat you will wear in a duet with a thick sweater, so it should not be too narrow!


Most coats can easily be washed in a washing machine, especially if they are made of artificial fabrics such as polyester. You have to be very careful with your wool! This kind of material is very sensitive. Always read the label carefully! A winter coat may require chemical cleaning or hand washing. Do not forget the ironing and drying rules. Make sure that taking care of your new coat is not too onerous or expensive before you buy it.

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