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We’re all getting old every year. And it is stupid to deny this fact and be afraid of it. But we can deceive age a little bit and use tricks to look fresh and younger.

Read the top 10 tips to help you look younger than your age without having to do your best.

1. The oldest is the oldest

Ruthlessly remove old, out of fashion, baggy styles from your wardrobe… They make women aunts. To be stylish, you need to follow the fashion and choose clothes by shape.

2. A boat instead of a V-neck

Don’t compete with younger beauties and show off your breasts. The deep V-neck after 40 years of age looks too frank, even if the skin in the neckline area is still firm. It is better to pay attention to the neckline of the boat (from shoulder to shoulder). It looks much more elegant and no less attractive!

3. Be careful with black

Of course, black is practical and volume steals, but it also ages. Therefore, if you like dark color, give preference to dark blue, chocolate, dark cherry or dark grey. If you are loyal to black, then let the black be only one detail of clothing. The rest should be pleasant, refreshing colors.

4. The coat is obligatory!

Not a jacket, not a down coat, not a quilted coat, but a classic woolen coat will give your image style. Such a thing in your wardrobe should be obligatory! The big PLUS is that it can be worn with almost anything. Stylish and versatile option – a monochrome coat.

5. Which print is better?

Ladies of elegant age have vertical stripes, cages, gentle floral prints and abstraction, but there should not be too many different colors, so choose a concise combination. Don’t overuse the evocative prints – leopard, tiger, snake. Leave parrots and pineapple prints for your pajamas.

6. Ideal length

As we get older, we move on to longer skirts. But how long do you choose not to turn into an old lady? The best option is a skirt that ends 5 cm below the knee. Such a midi goes to everyone! But you should be more careful with longer skirts. The general rule: the taller and slimmer the woman, the lower the skirt can be. On the high looks more spectacular classic midi to the middle of the caviar. But the magnificent ladies better not to experiment with the length and choose options on the knee and a little lower.

7. Without decoration

Fullness is a problem for most women in their forties. It can be solved with the help of clothes, if you choose monochrome laconic things, without extra decor, wide belts and patch pockets.

8. Avoid contrasts

Try to avoid a contrasting combination of colors. You will look most harmoniously in close-up clothes. For example, red and blue are bad, but dark blue and purple are great! Noble look at mature ladies sets of “total bow” (in one color, and better light). A good choice – clothes of the same color, but with different brightness, such as blue and blue.

Do not combine two dark tones in one image – it is getting old. Always dilute the darker, lighter tones.

9. Universal trousers

Classic straight trousers with arrows – a basic variant in the wardrobe of a mature woman. They can be worn on any occasion. Pants with high waist look good with blouses and shirts. This model will perfectly hide the drawbacks of the figure, and combining pants with any top, you can always remain stylish.

10. Accessories will help

Costume jewellery and accessories are something you can give yourself the freedom to do with age. The simpler the outfit, the more daring the necklace and purse can be! But choose accessories that keep up with the trend.

11. Do not say goodbye to heels

It’s getting harder and harder to walk in high heels with age. Replace them with soft and comfortable shoes with wedges, stylish slippers or sneakers on a small platform or comfortable shoes on a 3-4 cm heel.

12. Add bright shoes

She’ll make the image more expressive. The shade of the shoes should resonate with one of the flowers in the image, whether it is a scarf, beads, belt, hat or pattern on the fabric of the coat. And you can make shoes the only bright accent in the image. This is much more spectacular than boring black boots or shoes.

No one can guess your true age if you keep updating your wardrobe according to trends.

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