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On the Internet you can find a lot of advice that a woman after 40 years of age should not wear a mini, show the neckline, wear bright prints… Many of these rules – only myths. Each ban can be replayed in its favor, creating fashionable and stylish images.

Is the length of the mini – appropriate or not appropriate?

The first ban, which is often talked about – is a question of mini length, which is considered unacceptable for women over 40 years of age. In adulthood, legs do not look so attractive, so stylists advise them to hide behind a long skirt. In fact, the length of the mini always looks beautiful on any woman, but you need to “replay” her appropriate elements.

First, if we open our legs, we need to cover the top. Secondly, it is better not to combine mini and heeled shoes with women over 50. Instead of stilettos, choose low-pitch sandals that provide comfort and self-confidence. Remember that mini, which is associated with a young age, can not be combined with teenage clothing and accessories, such as pink top or cheap handbag with embroidery, rhinestones.

Big neckline – how to make it look good?

Decollete is another topic that causes a lot of discussion. Show the neckline or close it? Don’t fill your head with this dilemma, it’s better to find a “golden mean”. Fashionable bans on the neckline can be easily circumvented with one rule.

It involves the partial disclosure of this part of the body with transparent fabrics and lace. Therefore, if you are not sure if you will feel comfortable in it and do not want people around you to watch your bust, choose a modest one, trimmed with lace material in the bust area. This applies to blouses and dresses. In this way, you will preserve your sexual image and at the same time guarantee yourself psychological comfort.

Bold colors – yes, bright colors – no!

Mature women stylists often advise to dress in a muted palette of colors (brown, beige and gray) that make the image elegant. Bright colors, in turn, indicate a provincial approach to fashion. Nothing like that!

Bold, above all, light tones take several years, add style, energy and make the owner look confident and feminine. This season’s most fashionable are fuchsia, yellow and green colors – they can be used as one or two elements: a new jacket or a spectacular skirt. Remember, bold and bright colors are not the same. The latter leave teenagers with any shades.

Logo and inscriptions – how to wear them after 40

Many mature women try to rejuvenate themselves by wearing blouses and T-shirts with funny inscriptions or typical youth brands. That’s the style you have to say no. That doesn’t mean you have to completely rule out things with inscriptions. Blouses and T-shirts with a logo are now in the trend, as evidenced by the latest Christian Dior collection.

Inscriptions should be mixed with more elegant items of clothing, such as simple trousers, pencil skirts or jackets. Before you buy a product with an inscription, make sure you understand its meaning. Avoid texts that are not associated with you or that are suitable for younger people.

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