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The right haircut, neat hairstyle, plus hair care can create a miracle and save at least 10 years. Want to know how? Below are tips to help you look younger.

Cut your hair

You have the same haircut as ten years ago. Fashion and styles change, but many women wear the same haircut most of their lives. Updating your hair will make you younger and you will feel great and more confident.

Look around and mark the modern hairstyles and styles that young people prefer.

Paint the gray

Silver in the hair is not only a sign of impending old age, but also a testimony that the woman is not following herself very well. Dyeing your hair is no longer a problem – it doesn’t take a lot of money or time. It’s just important to remember to do it regularly, so that you don’t get a white head start.

Think about the color

There are two main staining rules for those who want to look younger. First, do not choose a color that is too dark. The darker the hair, the stronger the contrast with the skin and the more noticeable the wrinkles, especially around the eyes. And secondly, it’s better if your new hair color has a warm shade of honey or gold. This will help to soften the sharpened lines with age.

How not to

Don’t cut your hair too short. When a lady in her 40s gets her hair cut to look like a boy, it makes her smile. Excessively short hair usually only adds years to older women’s hair. So when you choose a haircut, remember: everything is a good measure.

Don’t wear bundles and tails

The bundle on the back of the head is the privilege of the grandmothers at the entrance, do not rush to join their ranks. Horse tail is also not your option – it can afford schoolgirls and students. You can’t pull your hair back, not to bare your face and not to flaunt the first wrinkles.

Give up your hair and hairpieces

Tall hairstyles with fake hair were worn in the 60s and 70s. Guess how many years those beauties should be today. You don’t want to look as old-fashioned as they are, do you? Then achieve the volume of stacking means.9 tricks that make the figure slimmer

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