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Many skinny women do not feel feminine and sexy enough. They are concerned that they look awkward and angular as boys.

Of course, the clothes should be cut to size. This is quite understandable. But for a fragile girl, this aspect is especially important. In clothes cut too narrowly, you will look even thinner. Most girls want this effect, but if you’re very thin, you probably don’t need this effect.

So how do you make the shapes more rounded and seductive?

Perfect dresses

You want more relief hips and breasts and a sharpened waist? The easiest way to achieve this goal is to use stylish cut details: seam curves and contrasting edges. They will “draw” the missing contours and create a silhouette of the figure, which you strive for. At the same time, cleverly cut folds or additional details – ruffles and ruffles – easily imitate the fullness of the hips and chest.

Perfect jackets

For extra volume, use loose-fit leather or synthetic fur jackets or woolen jackets with tucked-in details on the chest, waist and hips that add curves and accentuate convexity.

Perfect top

Your rule in the choice of clothes for the top: nothing even and smoothly tightening. Forget about tops with a simple and flat front. To enlarge your chest visually, choose blouses and tops with ruffles, flounces and assemblies that run along your chest. A blouse made of suitable fabric with a feminine coquettish bow and sleeves-boot will give you maximum volume, especially if it has sleeves with wide cuffs and a large collar.

Perfect jeans

Choose jeans from thicker, still-shaped or softer but thicker fabrics. Your legs will seem fuller if your jeans are slightly whitened in some places (especially at the top). Jeans should end up covering your ankles only.

Perfect skirts

Stop choosing skirts that tapered downwards, such as a pencil skirt. Or better yet, those from the hips are narrowed to the bottom, and then again form a claw at the expense of folds and wrappers. In skirts of this style your hips will look more rounded

Perfect accessories

If you choose long beads as a decoration, you will make the area of your chest multi-layered and more interesting. A silk scarf tied around your neck will soften your silhouette. You’ll look stylish by adding a very large matching bag to your bag.

Perfect shoes

Shoes with rounded nose, shoes and sandals with ties and straps around the ankles, short shoes – they will make the legs more rounded, thus emphasizing the curves of your figure as a whole. In the cold period, wear short cowboy boots with a rounded nose and jeans tucked into them. They will visually break a single line of legs and create an appearance of shapes.

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