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Two new collections released in 2018 Swedish brand Byredo. They are interrelated and designed to care for hair. The news of such luxurious product elevates mood and causes a desire to possess them.

One of the collections, sprays hair with your favorite, the best flavors of the brand:

Perfume for hair Flowerhead

Perfume for hair Mojave Ghost

Perfume for hair La Tulipe

Perfume for hair Bal D’afrique

Perfume for hair Gypsy Water

Perfume for hair Blanche

Long been known that aromas great hold on the hair. In addition, the hair smoothes the sharpness of the sound and loved the notes on them sound special. How to mist hair perfume? There are two ways. The easiest to spray fragrance directly on your hair. To do this, the format of the spray is suited for. The second way is to put perfume on the teeth of a comb and then hold it on the hair. This method ensures a more even application. To the above collection of sprays for hair, brand Byredo is released as a collection of combs made from natural cow horns, humped Zebu.

These unusual, chic hair accessories are sold in individual pouches made of leather.

I would really like to have these new products. I’m already spending with your hair this beautiful ritual. I would like the second from the left comb and perfume for hair La Tulipe with fresh floral fragrance of pink tulips and greenery.

What do you want from these new collections?

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