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Foreign experts have sounded the seven most important products that are useful to those that make the bones stronger.

– To enhance bone density are very important calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium also play a big role, explains doctor of medical Sciences Amy Rotberg, Director of the weight management Clinic at the University of Michigan in Ann arbor.

Summer vegetables, such as cabbage and herbs need to be on the table. White and sweet potatoes are a great source of Mg and K. to get the daily norm of the vitamin C you need to eat at least one orange or grapefruit a day, experts say.

Fish contains omega-3 is unsaturated fatty acids that help to be healthy not only bones, but also supports the entire cardiovascular system. Especially nutritionists recommend eating the following species of fish: mackerel, salmon, sardines, and tuna.

– Bread and cereal contain vitamin D and calcium. So their cost is. Do not forget about the almond, it is also useful to prevent osteoporosis – adds doctor Colin Scott.

To help keep bones healthy, it is strongly recommended to give up sugar. It is best to replace the safe natural sweeteners. This can be a black cane molasses.

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