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We had a lot of projects in which our readers received a new nose, new Breasts, and even “everything new.” Now I feel like a heroine? Do not performing?

Ahead of your questions: Yes, the operation was done more. But we write now about these not because they are better, and others so-so. Just, unfortunately, not all volunteers could be found. If you were one of them, and we did not get through-do not finish-do not reach out, please write in the comments, and us mail. We will gather another post — it really helps us.


  • Patient: Julia Timokhina
  • Year: 2015
  • Doctor: Otari Gogiberidze, clinic “Time of beauty”

Experience three months later: “got exactly the result that I had imagined! Glad I entrusted the solution of the problem of the plastic surgeon, not a psychologist. It could be a lifetime to go to the trainings “love yourself with your nose”. I can only imagine how much effort, time and money would have gone to these hypnosis sessions”.


  • A new nose. Diary of a female patient and report from the operating room.
  • A new nose. Three months later. Diary of a patient.

4 years later: “Soon after surgery with nose problems: spikes in the nostrils to narrow the field. I dumped them under the supervision of an ENT doctor. It took a year: they were together again and again. To this I was not ready — in my opinion, this is a rare side effect. But now all is well. I am very pleased with how my nose looks, so that participation in the project not sorry.”

  • Patient: Marina Denisova
  • Year: 2016
  • Surgeon: Edward Shihirman.

Impressions after two weeks after surgery: “Come on birthday to the girlfriend. No one else sees. Went to work — the reaction is zero, which only pleased me. Came to the reception to his orthodontist. Here’s someone who sees me very close and constantly! And he also did not say that I radically changed! Hence, the changes are organic”.


  • New nose: consultation at the doctor Shihirmana. Day 1.
  • New nose: consultation at the doctor Shihirmana. The second day.
  • Reviews for rhinoplasty at Edward Shihirmana. The History Of The Marina. Part 2.
  • Who new nose? The results of the rhinoplasty three months later.

3 years later: “recently I went to Edward Vadimovich: my nose was white at the tip. Especially it becomes noticeable in the cold. But he said that it happens, this is not pathological and will go away with time. And it’s only now, three years later, I fully recovered the sensitivity of the nose. Earlier I felt completely. No wonder they say that after surgery the nose a few years shrinks. It is.”

  • Patient: Natalia Kolmakova
  • Year: 2018
  • Surgeon: Edward Shihirman.

Experience a week after the operation: “I am very happy! Move away from the mirror and enjoy the new you. If anyone doubts, worries and fears — in vain.”


  • A new nose from Dr. Shihirmana: consultation and selection of the lucky ones.
  • Rhinoplasty from Dr. Shihirmana: report of operating and a new nose, Natasha.

Next year: “I’m extremely happy with my nose. This is the best event in my life! Through the project, I became much more confident in myself, changed jobs and generally changed the world. Now I know that dreams come true, the main thing — really want! Your project works wonders and gives hope. Thank you very much Edward V. and the whole team, you are changing people for the better and make you happier!”


  • Patient: Natalia Muromec, mother of our dear editor-in-chief Julia.
  • Year: 2018 February
  • Surgeon: Edward Shihirman.

Impressions after a couple of days after surgery: “Nothing really hurts. But tight bandage lot of pressure on the ears, plus face swollen. However, I wanted kedikov Lamoda order, while still in Moscow. But I realized that right now I don’t have kedikov”


  • A face-lift. Personal experience of Julia’s mother. And Julia.

Next year: “of Course, now it’s much better than it was before surgery! To take care of themselves easier, for example, eye color, skin never hangs. Most interesting is that familiar, it seems, nothing noticed any comments in the style of “Oh, you’ve changed”, no questions on “what have you done to yourself?” I didn’t ask. However, now say I look much younger than her husband, but there is nothing you can do.”


  • Patient: Faith
  • Year: 2015
  • Surgeon: George Chumanov

Impressions after two weeks: “Every new day better than the last. Go to work. I am a cosmetologist. Working on the feet. Feel the load on your back. I’m afraid to sneeze and cough all pays in the region of the belly:) Gait still indicates that something is wrong. A long tiring walk. The surgery area is slightly swollen, and the feeling of numbness and mild pain remains…”

Impressions after 8 months after the operation: “the Fact that I had the surgery, no one could hide. Any of these “Oh, I just lost weight because stopped eating buns”:) This belly, which I had no cracks on buns will not solve. Abdominoplasty is not to get rid of fat and getting rid of excess skin. And that’s what I tell friends.
PS: at the time of this writing I are on vacation and absolutely not complex! Flaunt in the open swimsuit with low waisted bottoms”.


  • How to get rid of belly? A report from the operating room.
  • How to get rid of belly? The results 8 months later.

After 4 years: “No complications, I was not. Now everything is fine, the belly looks very nice. Happy that he agreed, and all the friends now send to my doctor.”

Breast implants

  • Patient: Victoria
  • Year: 2015
  • Surgeon: Zaur Bataev, the clinic “beauty Doctor.”

Experience six months later: “I am absolutely delighted. Buy different clothes, wear different underwear, in General, in my opinion, this way of looking at life. My boyfriend is happy too — probably don’t even want to remember how I looked before and how he tried to convince me that “so bad”:) the Scar under the breast lighter, I smear them with cream, which was recommended to me by a source Makarovich. If they suddenly will bother me in future, he says, you can do a little laser resurfacing”.


  • Who needs breast implants? Personal experience.

After 3.5 years: “For me participation in this project was vital: I had small Breasts and a visible asymmetry. Today I have a child who is seven months. My chest looks amazing! She is not deformed and does not cause discomfort. No problems with pregnancy or lactation has not been. I breast-fed longer, but form nothing bad happened — on the contrary, it became more soft and natural. Do not regret that participated in the project, and very grateful to the surgeon who operated on me!”

Radio frequency breast lifting BodyTite

  • Patient: Olga.
  • Year: 2018.
  • Surgeon: Vardan Askarian.

Experience a week after the operation: “Besides the fact that the chest rose, left stretch marks and sagging. The skin is incredible! Before this procedure, I somehow caught myself on the fact that, when buying clothes, choose the one that closes the neckline. Although childbirth loved the cut and sexy dresses. But there was nothing to be proud of… Now the skin has tightened and smoothed – fantastic! In General, I’m surprised, subdued, and rather want to choose a beautiful new underwear.”

After 7 months: “Magic in the sense that my chest was again like 10 years ago, full and supple, did not happen. To do this, insert the implants. But the result is definitely there, and I was happy with. Still visible traces of scars at the areola, so I put some gel on it and scars. Pain no, do sports, live life to the fullest. Absolutely no regrets about the surgery and calm all pregnant friends that if the Breasts will change shape after childbirth and lactation, there is a painless solution.”

  • Patient: Svetlana.
  • Year: 2018.
  • Surgeon: Vardan Askarian.

Impressions after a week: “Lift is definitely there, I see her happy with the result. Instead of “sad” chest I got a normal. Yeah, she was perfect. But I had no illusions on this score. This is the first. Second, in the future, we with the husband plan the child and to do the anchor lift is to risk the possibility of lactation. The more to the vertical and horizontal joints for life I did not want. Glad I sent a request, and everything happened.”

After 7 months of “Breast I like a lot more than before the surgery. But you can’t say that I’m absolutely happy with it. There are moments that are not satisfied. First, one nipple is now not round, but oval, and it shows. If I were a perfectionist, you would have to adjust the shape of the nipple. Secondly, this oval nipple in one place, the seam was not smooth and neat, and brown and spots. There formed spider veins are the size of a dime to 50 cents. And, of course, whether the chest is above 1-2 cm, it would be just perfect. But maybe this is the best possible result for me?

In any case, I am satisfied that had the surgery. If before the kind of Breasts I frankly was upset, now generally — no. So what about the part I do not regret the way.”


  • Breast lift BodyTite: a month and a half later
  • Radio frequency breast lift: awkward questions to the surgeon
  • Breast lift without scars: report from the operating room. The Story Of Oli
  • Breast lift without vertical scars: a history of the Lights.
  • Breast lift BodyTite: a month and a half later

“Global improvement”: SMAS-facelift + blepharoplasty + abdominoplasty + breast lift + breast mastopexy with endoprosthesis replacement

  • Patient: Elena Maximova
  • Year: 2016
  • Surgeons: Ruben Adamyan, Igor Gulyaev, clinic K+31.

Experience seven months later: “I only now realize what I am adventurer that decided it all. Then, six months ago, it happened spontaneously. Read the article, came to the consultation, set a date for surgery. All without painful hesitation. Asking me, how was rehabilitation, which was struggling. And I honestly don’t remember. Only remember the good things – the bandage was removed, here I am, beautiful. And every day more and better.”


  • Global improvement: report from the operating room.
  • Global improvement: three months later.
  • Global improvement: seven months later. Result.

In two years, “Ruben Adamyan and Igor Gulyaev — wizards! Happy that he was on the project! Look great on my 62 in a 45!”

What other reports on the operations you’d like to see? What to do yourself?

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