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Only 30 seconds, and healthy as a fiddle.

The Metaphysical influences under the name Meagan has been discussed in social networks due to its proposed practice butts sunbathing.

The other day she posted a post that showed what position you need to give your body vitamin D, and explained that its exercise is not new. According to the girl, tan butt up is “the ancient Taoist practice”. Among the many useful effects of this procedure Megan calls a surge of energy, good sleep, connecting with your sexual energy in your body and increase creativity.

Influencer also believes that 30 seconds of sunbathing in the Nude equivalent to a whole day spent in the sun in clothes.

“To hell with yoga and meditation. Just substitute the sun your ass,” tweeted @Hypocritee29. “I can’t believe that we live in a time when people go ass to the sun to harness its energy,” said @Gregggyboy.

Scientifically valid information on how to properly and safely tan, we have collected here.




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