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Inside, cleansers, lotions, masks and toners

From Australian beauty brand Aesop on the ground floor of Central Department store there was a collection “Of muses and myths”. A source of inspiration for her were the images of the ancient Greek muses — protecting arts and Sciences. The lineup includes four gift set in branded cases from recycled materials, designed by new York artist Giovanni Garcia-Finechem.

Set “the Chronicler” (“Historian”) is dedicated to the Muse of history Clio and consists of a cleaning paste, a mask and moisturizing primrose oil. In the set of “The Humorist” (“Comedian”) depicting the Muse of Comedy the Waist with a mask in his hand on the package included a cleanser scented with rose and geranium body lotion with citrus extracts, which moisturizes, softens, refreshes and renews the skin.

Set “the Orator” (“He”) inspired by the patroness of epic poetry Calliope. It is possible to find three products from the line of care of a skin with parsley seed — cleanser, facial toner and antioxidant serum. The last set in the collection — “The Reveller” (“Playboy”) — sings the Muse of dance, Terpsichore. It contains four products for hands and body: aromatic hand wash and protective balm with citrus-woody fragrance, cleanser for the body with rose geranium and hydrating lotion.

The collection is also available online on the official website of the Central Department store.




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