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Professionals tell how cooked on the grill or grill meat will help to protect the body from serious diseases.

Skewers are very popular around the world. In Russia it is considered a traditional seasonal dish. In spring and summer, people gather at the cottage and cooked skewers. And as it turned out, a favorite treat is not only delicious, but also useful.

Scientists from the canadian University of Western Ontario conducted a molecular analysis of marinades for barbecue. In it included: red pepper, lemon juice, garlic, vegetable oil, honey, herbs and spices. Together, these components saturate the meat with antioxidants. As you know, they are great fighting formations of mutations at the cellular level. They do excellent prevention of age-related diseases, inflammation, cancer, cataract, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis.

– While shish kebab roasting on an open fire, two times reduces the amount of antioxidants. But still most of useful components remains. Enough to give the body a healthy compounds – said the researchers.

However, experts note that the marinade can also be harmful. This occurs due to the low quality of meat and excessive fat. Gluttony is also no good will not result.


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