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The answer is June 21

Kim Kardashian has posted a teaser of a new beauty product in social networks, which is due out June 21. In the post she wrote that KKW Beauty launches its secret weapon for keeping the perfect beauty of the body, and asked subscribers what it could be.

Most likes gathered a variant with bronzer and body butter, but users also believe that the secret of Kim – in a good photo editor and skillful surgeons.

One of the subscribers suggested to Kim to go to a psychologist, and others began to argue that the ideal of beauty does not happen. Basketball player Marvin Bagley suggested that beauty is given by nature or God. As Fotosizer Kim lies in a stone tub, have any options, “stone bath” or “oyster”.

Kim Kardashian released a collection of wedding makeup Mrs. West. To release Kim has appeared on a white horse in a tight jumpsuit and see photos here.


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