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Cheat age help of modern cosmetic procedures. Thanks to them you can get rid of the hated wrinkles, hydrate dehydrated skin, return you a healthy and fresh look. Now there is no need to go through a long rehabilitation course in the Arsenal of cosmetologists is rapid methods of non-surgical rejuvenation that will transform you in a matter of days!

To understand what anti-age treatments are the most effective, Cosmo helped Lucina Ekaterina Nikolayevna — cosmetologist, dermatologist Clinic of the German Medical Technology GMTClinic, candidate of medical Sciences.

Non-surgical SMAS lifting

First of all, pay attention to the procedure non-surgical SMAS-facelift. It is based on focused ultrasound, which produces a lifting of all layers of the skin, subcutaneous fat, and muscle-aponeurotic layer. Cosmetologists suggest this a secure method for those who do not want to resort to services of plastic surgeons, but wants to tighten the skin in problem areas: neck, neck, lower jaw, chin and eyebrows. Thanks SMAS-lifting can be adjusted oval face, forget about noticeable nasolabial folds, ptosis of the eyelids and the second chin.

Botulinum toxin therapy

Among the injection methods it is worth noting the botulinum toxin therapy, i.e. the introduction of botulinum toxin into wrinkles. If wrinkles on the forehead, eyebrows, around the corners of the lips and crow’s feet — not a nightmare, but a harsh reality, think about going to the beautician. Injections relax tense muscles, responsible for facial expressions, thus smoothing out wrinkles.

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The basis of mesotherapy — microinjections of drugs based on hyaluronic acid. The procedure promotes intensive nutrition and hydration of the skin. In the cold season, many women are faced with dryness, peeling, uneven skin tone, and with age these problems are, unfortunately, only compounded. Biorevitalization is designed to deal with such defects.


Filling of wrinkles by fillers based on hyaluronic acid has long been favoured by women. 3D volumization — absolutely painless method to restore the lost age of the volume in the neck and face (cheekbones, eyebrows, eyelids, lips). Using this procedure, it is easy to form a smooth facial contours, smooth out skin texture and wrinkles, make the cheekbones more pronounced.


Thread lifting will allow you to achieve the restoration of tissues, correction of face oval and of course lifting effect. Filament technology has stepped so far that have minimized the recovery period after the procedure — ideally before the New year.


Let there be light! Photorejuvenation is based on powerful impact of visible light, which tightens the deeper layers of the dermis, allows you to sklerozirovanie vessels and removes pigmentation.

Treatments using laser

Look years younger and help ELOS technology — a combination of light energy and high frequency current, which provides deep but gentle effect, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. The result is healthy, supple, tightened skin. So the effect is preserved for a long time, better plan on an average of 3-5 sessions. Not to save on health and don’t forget to support derived from procedures the result of using high quality and safe cosmetics.

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