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To make them not so hard

A make-up artist from the UK kaylie Golding came up with an unusual make-up for the winter holidays, which became popular among users of instagram. She turned eyelashes in the Christmas tree, which was decorated with sequins and a star.

“I chuvstvovala festive mood and wanted my eyes expressed it, – the girl tells about the creation of the image. – While I was looking for ideas, I unconsciously touched the eyelashes and looked at his decorated Christmas tree”.

The hardest part of this image, explains makeup artist, cut the false eyelashes and strengthen them in the shape of a Christmas tree, put it on each other. Keighley further notes that the makeup was pretty comfortable to wear, although a little tickled eyebrows.

For the most proper preparation for the upcoming 2020 year, we have gathered for you here.





Christmas 2019

new year 2020

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