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The actor was criticised for its growth and not only

James McAvoy has admitted in an interview with The Telegraph that his career having difficulties because of his appearance. First, the actor repeatedly denied the role because of his small stature. But even if he gets the role, it is still faced with criticism about appearance.

Once one actress who was playmate McAvoy in the film, told him that due to the difference in the growth of people is difficult to believe their relationship on screen. According to James, she could not imagine that a man with his looks can be in a relationship with someone like her.

“It was a punch in the stomach, — confessed the actor. — She said, “Oh, great, now I have eight more weeks to pretend that I like you. It will be difficult, given that you have such a high opinion of himself“. Our relationship was very peculiar.”

The actor added that he sometimes told that he’s not attractive enough for the role.

Recall that James McAvoy starred in the TV series “Dark beginnings”, which aired on HBO. To support the actor and watch the trailer here.




James McAvoy


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