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It’s called Promise

Presentation of the new fragrance superstar, who recently turned 50, took place a few hours after news of her performance with Shakira at the super bowl. It was held in new York, where guests were in a huge room in the shape of a bottle of perfume. The smell itself is assessed as “a great combination of Jasmine, honeysuckle and pink berries”.

Here’s how commented on your perfume herself Jennifer Lopez:

“I had lunch with Warren Buffett, and he told me something that really resonates with me: a brand is a promise. It is the Foundation that supports us. We all make promises to ourselves and to each other, they should be forever.”

Promice – 25th J. Lo fragrance in her perfume Empire. Her first fragrance Glow, she released in 2002. Since then, the perfume business has brought star $ 2 billion. Why are we still tired from the dominance of celebrity-cosmetic, can be read here.


Jennifer Lopez



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