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Earlier, Dior was accused of cultural appropriation for the video with the actor

Johnny Depp spoke out in defense of the new advertising campaign of the fragrance Sauvage by Dior, the face of which he is. A little over a week ago, the French brand has been accused of cultural appropriation because of the movie, which was shown elements of the rituals and lives of indigenous people of North America. The public was not satisfied with the fact that Depp is the aroma in a video on an Indian subject, not being fundamentally Indian. Now the actor said that the video was a teaser for the short film “We Are the Land”, which viewers were unable to see entirely.

“We never wanted to offend anyone. The film was made with great respect to the indigenous peoples of not only North America but all over the world. It’s sad that people immediately decided to criticize. However, they have every right to Express their disapproval,” said he.

“I can assure you that nobody wanted to use anybody. It was a film made with great respect and love for indigenous American peoples, with the aim to shed light on their lives,” added Depp.

Recall, last Friday at the Venice film festival premiere of “waiting for the barbarians” (“Waiting for the Barbarians”), in which the main role was played by johnny Depp. That helped him grow into the role of Colonel of the British Empire, we are told here.

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