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The global launch of the first collection — September 27

Brand Karl Lagerfeld will release a collection of makeup in partnership with L’oréal Paris. The idea of starting a cosmetic line belongs to Carl — designer passed away in February of this year.

In 2018, Karl Lagerfeld has released a limited collection of makeup along with Australian beauty brand ModelCo. The new collection will be “in the style of rock chic with the spirit of Parisian elegance.”

“This range of makeup reflects the universe of the brand Karl Lagerfeld and Karl loved the makeup,” said Carolyn lebar, Singapore, head of image and communications at Karl Lagerfeld.

What tools will be included in the release and what to expect from the palette, has not yet been disclosed. The collection will be available online on 20 September, and on September 27, the planned global launch of new products during the fashion Week in Paris.

On the eve of Chanel released a video of the memorial evening devoted to the designer. You can watch it here.


Karl Lagerfeld



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