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Long time Ri secret that wears wigs. But the singer has given her choreographer, who after one of the performances of the Barbados beauty posted on a social network collage of photo where she is with a shock of curly hair, and the other — “the same hair” hanging on the mirror. After that, Rihanna could have nothing to comment on. It all became clear.

Keira Knightley

Yes, don’t be surprised! Kira herself in an interview, admitted that her hair is quite a problem. And so she is forced to wear wigs to little to bring his hair in order.

Kim Kardashian

Now Kim took off all their hair extensions and hair cut, but generally the star of the reality show quite often resorted to wigs to instantly change the image.

Kylie Jenner

Before pregnancy Kylie is also constantly changing hairstyles. It will appear with light green hair below the waist, and then with platinum Kara for all these metamorphoses with the hair, you can thank the wigs that Jenner very much.

Lady Gaga

Gaga loves extravagant hairstyles, and often long hair, which, unfortunately, do not grow at the speed of light. Therefore, the singer wears wigs, and she does this even in ordinary life, because the paparazzi walk on her heels.

Rita Ora

The singer loves to change hairstyles and it does so with such speed that we don’t even know how to look like her real hair. Kare today, and tomorrow curls to her buttocks. Of course, all these changes mixed up wigs and false locks.

Naomi Campbell

Rumors that the supermodel has long been bald and so always wears wigs, go for a long time. Naomi denied it, but then gathered my courage and posed for the cover of a magazine Soon international Magazine with a completely bald head. And it was so beautiful!

Nicki Minaj

Another singer who can not live without causing images and hairstyles. Once the singer has opened the heart with journalists, confessing that he no longer remembers how to look like her real hair. And the thing is that to go with the same hairstyle she’s bored, so she got a huge collection of wigs that changes as gloves.

Iggy Azalea

Due to frequent hair lightening Iggy ruined their own, so the wearing of wigs became a necessity. A pity, because the singer is not even 30 years old and already such a problem…

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